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Humanitas+ has been developed to assist the Human mind/body system in its drive to want to restore, maintain and where possible improve holistic wellbeing. This product works on the basis that all living, organic and inorganic matter and single elements, are also energy (vibration) at the same time as being particles, each with their own unique vibrational signature.

It is sprayed anywhere on the skin once, daily (like the back of the hand). Massage in for 1 second, that’s all. Once started, do remember to use it daily, otherwise you miss out on its benefits as it is active for 90 continuous days only. Alternatively, you can drink all the solution in one lot, and then the solution´s unique driving energy remains active for 90 days in the body/mind system. After 90 days, the bottle containing any remaining de-energised solution should be discarded. The spray will only work for the person for whom it is issued. There are no specific storage requirements, nor use-by date considerations or concerns about when to apply or drinking it in relation to food or time of day.

By knowing the unique vibrational signature, harmful living, organic, inorganic (chemical), and periodic table elements are eliminated by applying a cancelling vibration. If components are vibrating out of sync because we are unwell, traumatised, sick, overcome by unhealthy chemicals or particles, Humanitas+ helps the mind/ body system to restore them by bringing them back to optimal state by applying correcting, healing, restoring and nourishing vibrations.

The complete beneficial vibrations of essential amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, essential proteins, enzymes, essential rare earth metals and elements have been added to Humanitas+ for use by the body/mind system. Herbal, root, leaf and bark derived healing vibrations have been incorporated in Humanitas+ as well. In total 379,352,914 essential beneficial vibrations are incorporated in Humanitas+ imprinted on a natural spring water base.

As they are only vibrational frequencies, the Human mind/body system as an aware entity can pick and choose what it needs for optimal enhanced wellbeing without side effects, overloads or shortages. The vibrations are imprinted on a 100% pure spring water base and contains therefore no chemicals or other solids/particles. It is totally safe to use and has no known side-effects.

Solid particle based synthetically manufactured products cannot be produced in this manner. Natural products are often composites leading to undesirable side effects and if overused, can create serious health effects as well. Magnesium and zinc containing supplementary products for example can have a serious side effect on the vascular and hormonal system long term functionality.

Humanitas+ can be used with any medication prescribed by your medical practitioner or consultant and is safe for both children and adults to use. No specific claim is made that Humanitas+ can provide a cure for any ailment or health issue.

Infinity Spray products are produced on the basis that everything naturally occurring on earth is made up of 24 uniquely different particle/vibrational fields, each with totally different characteristics like the electrical field, the magnetic field, the gravitational field and so on. That also means that to assist the body/mind system, the unique operating energy in Humanitas+ needs to function in these 24 fields

The energy is generated by way of pairing 770,000 of the many alpha vibrations/particles available in each of the 24 fields. Alpha particles/vibrations are the smallest and only common component of the 24 fields and 1,141 forces in nature. I postulate that apart from atomic, quantum particles, five other sub-molecular particle/vibrational types operate, of which the alpha particle/vibration system is the smallest. I have developed the Infinity product range on that basis.

The Human body/mind system is an aware, intertwined, intercommunicating entity. It strives to maintain homeostasis (a state of optimal balance, functionality and equilibrium). We are not just the solid person sitting in a chair, some 69% of the particles/energies that we are, can be many millions of kilometres away from our physical self and still communicate, act and be, as if “as one”.

It is made up of 24 interdependent beneficial living systems. Each living system has its own critical functions: human organs system, water system, hormonal system, viral system, microbial system, photon (meridian) system, floral system, parasitic system, astral system, mental system, emotional system, spiritual system, the chromosomal, genomal, epigenomal, DNA, RNA, MRNA and mitochondrial systems, intra intracellular system, immune system, fascia system (controlling posture), enzymal system and electrical system.

When we aren’t well, the rotational speed and alignment of the spinning particles/energies in the 6 vibrational/ energy fields up to molecular level of the 24 human body systems can be seriously out of balance due to pathogens or other causes we are subjected to daily, or are missing, due to internal or external health affecting causes.

Some daily threats affecting our wellbeing are: environmental, chemical, viral, bacterial, fungal, mould, algae, lichen, spore, parasitic, venom, metals, heavy metals, insect, pet, or animal derived in nature. The negative effect of oxidisation and creation of free radicals is continuous and can now be neutralised. Physical trauma, stress, mental and emotional trauma are other contributing factors to ill health. Others can be destabilising cosmic, electromagnetic energies like moon phase, auroras, wind, eclipses, solar storms and radiation. The very air we breathe containing the so called “noble” gas vibrations /particles can be the cause of major health issues.

There are also non-electromagnetic particles/vibrations, that can cause ill health. Micrometeorite dust landing on earth at a rate of 24 tonnes a day is only one of 24 potential contributing sources. These particles/energies are ingested via the food chain, inhaled, soil based, in the water and absorbed via the skin or resident on it, or via radiation exposure.

Avoid the wearing of magnetised jewellery, or the use of magnetic bed underlays of any kind.

A sensible reduced refined carbohydrate, low sugar diet with good quality protein intake is recommended. Vegetables both raw and cooked are very good for us. The intake of good quality oils, fats and nuts, even meats containing saturated fats, except for canola oil are beneficial. Highly processed meats and some take-out foods may be best avoided. Be mindful of the high sugar content of soft drinks, fruit juices and many other beverages and foods. These are suggestions only, and do not constitute nutritional advice, which should be based on your own personal and medical requirements.

The ongoing use of Humanitas+ can provide major health benefits as it assists the body/mind system striving to maintain optimal health. It operates 24/7 whilst the operating energy is effective in a very challenging environment.

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